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What is NBA BankPAC?

Nevada Bankers Association - Political Action Committee, a statewide, nonpartisan, voluntary, nonprofit committee is made up of individuals, banks and holding companies who are interested in:

  • preserving and strengthening constitutional government
  • protecting individual freedom under law
  • promoting a sound, "free economic system"
  • electing public officials who will support a free enterprise system

NBA BankPAC was created to serve as a unified voice on behalf of the banking industry in Nevada. It gives every banker a strong voice in the process by pooling contributions. These contributions are allocated to candidates who demonstrate a real concern and understanding of Nevada's banks - big and small. Your support of NBA BankPAC is a vote for a sound, competitive financial services industry in which you can live and work.

Why should you join NBA BankPAC?

Because you have a personal stake in the decisions that will be made in the State Legislature and by State Officials. Your future as a bank officer, bank director, or bank employer,and the future of banking as a part of a free enterprise system, may well rest on the decision you make today - to be part of banking in politics or let others determine your future without your participation.

Because there is strength in numbers. Your individual contribution will become meaningfully effective through NBA BankPAC's activities on behalf of your industry.

Advantages of a PAC

The advantages of a Political Action Committee are many-fold. Here are just a few:

  • PACs facilitate participation in the political process
  • Pooled contributions have 'impact', i.e., can be larger than say $100 from an individual banker
  • PAC contributions assure access to make your case on specific issues
  • Contributions only, to legislators who support our view, this may be unknown to individual bankers
  • Politicians appreciate PACs because they can go to one source versus several different sources with a lower return rate
  • When a candidate receives a contribution from a PAC, they know through the PAC's lobbyist exactly where they stand on the issues, i.e., no misunderstandings
  • PAC can make informed decisions on a statewide basis, not just on politicians personally known to an individual banker
  • PACs make contributions in the best interest of all its members
  • Opponents make good use of PACs
  • It take contributions to have a voice in politics

Suggested Voluntary Contribution Schedule

Total Assets to 100M
100M to 500M
500M to 1,000M
over 1,000M


Same as State Banks

National Banks :

Personal contributions from bank employees and directors only.

NBA BankPAC Contribution Form